8 Best Activities for Spring Freestyling

1) Go for a picnic in the park

There’s something about eating outside that just hits differently. Pack some homemade sandwiches, your favorite cheeses, charcuterie, berries, and of course your Freestyle Snacks olives for your picnic and have a day.

2) Rent bikes

Take the chance to experience your city on two wheels. Bonus points for renting a bike instead of taking a car somewhere you were going anyway!

3) Go on a hike

Try out a new trail for the hike. Soak in the fresh air. Get those steps in, bestie!

4) Attend a baseball game

Nothing like getting out to the stadium for spring training. PS we dare to argue olives are a better baseball snack than peanuts, saves the hassle and mess 😉

5) Plan the ultimate spring vacation

Who says you need a designated ‘spring break’ to have some fun? Do some research on a new place you want to explore and get ready to go!

6) Plant a garden

Do you want to use fresh thyme or basil in your recipes? Maybe you want roses or peonies to spice up your life. Get some soil, some seeds, and get a little dirty in the garden.

7) Clean out your closet

We don’t know why, but the urge to do spring cleaning really does exist. Something about the fresh blooms and everything outside being “new” makes you want to organize and start fresh inside. Donate what you don’t need and welcome the lack of clutter.

8) Play a round of golf

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, getting out on the greens is a great way to spend a weekend day. Take in the good shots and have fun with the rest, a beer and Freestyle Snacks olives in hand, of course.

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