Our olives are proudly grown, harvested, and sourced from Greece.

Nope, our olives are moist (hope you didn’t cringe at that word!) and taste just like they would out of the jar--but better, of course, since they are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and delicious spices.

Freestyle Snacks will last up to 18 months from packing, but we dare you to leave them uneaten for that long!

Our products are pitted (no pits to see here, folks!) for ultimate snackability, but an occasional stubborn pit could still turn up. We recommend savoring the product with each bite for taste (and to limit any risk).

Each pouch is hand crafted to contain 4oz of product, which is approximately 30 olives, or about 8 servings.

You can Freestyle anywhere + anytime. We are fantastic as a standalone snack, in a drink, as a recipe ingredient, on a charcuterie board, on-the-go, as a side dish, in a lunchbox, or as a condiment. Tell us how you love to Freestyle @freestylesnacking.

Freestyle Snacks can be safely stored and beautifully displayed in your pantry until opening. Once opened, the product needs to be refrigerated and can continue to be enjoyed for up to 7 days.

We are constantly striving to improve our processes to be more sustainable and reduce our impact on the world. We believe that every small action counts. We use flexible pouch packaging which reduces carbon emissions by 43x vs. traditional glass jars that take up significantly more space to transport. Some of our additional practices include: reducing and reusing our water consumption, participating in regenerative agriculture, and upcycling our olive drums as rain catchers. We also encourage reusing empty Freestyle Snacks pouches as a bag for creating a delicious & transportable marinade or salad dressing.

Yes! Freestyle Snacks are made with all non-GMO ingredients.

Yes! Freestyle Snacks is vegan as it is a 100% plant-based product.

Yes! Freestyle Snacks is naturally Gluten Free.

You bet! Freestyle Snacks contains a rich amount of healthy fats in addition to being low carb, making them keto-friendly.

Olives are the ultimate heart healthy snack, linked to lowering LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) while maintaining HDL (the “good” cholesterol).

Only our Green Original Olives and Lemon Garlic Olives are certified Kosher at this time.

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