Atlanta, G.A., May 23, 2022Freestyle Snacks, the makers of the revolutionary, all-natural olive snacks, today announced that its premium olive packs will be available for purchase in stores and marketplaces across the New York City and Boston areas. This expansion further grows the snack brand’s retail footprint in the Northeast and allows the company to Juice Press reach consumers looking for healthy, convenient on-the-go snacks and foods. The selection available will include the Lemon Garlic and Hot & Spicy flavor packs.

“Expanding into Juice Press allows us to tap into a market of consumers looking for exactly what our product provides: a healthy, convenient snack that tastes even better than it looks,” said Nikki Seaman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Freestyle Snacks. “We’re thrilled to partner with Juice Press, a company that aligns with our values of providing healthy, accessible snacks made of only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Juice Press to further revolutionize snacking on whole, delicious foods.”

Freestyle snacks meets the needs of the modern olive lover: mouthwatering flavor, unmatched quality, and effortless convenience. Sourced and grown directly in Greece, Freestyle’s olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil, tossed in all natural spices, and packaged in liquid-free, resealable pouches for a no mess, no hassle snacking experience. The low calorie snacks are sugar, gluten and dairy free, filled with antioxidants, and get an A+ in heart healthiness.

Freestyle Snacks is now available in over 140 stores across the US. For more information or to find a Freestyle retailer near you, visit:  


Freestyle Snacks is proudly women-owned.